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Prancing Peacock Quilt - We Begin

Onward we go into quilting for 2021!

I'm still hand quilting my Macaw Quilt from Quiltworx and Mum and Dad have put in a request for a handmade quilt.

My dilemma is how handmade does handmade have to be. I made three quilts completely sewn by hand last year, you can see them in my quilting round up post if you are interested. I've now got a list of quilts which people want made and I could get a lot more done if I sew by machine and hand quilt, rather than hand sewing all the piecing too...

This quandry is added to as my trusty sewing machine is in the Woollery which is kinda cold to work in during the winter months. I could bring the sewing machine indoors, but hubby is still working from home and spends most of his day on the phone/video calls which doesn't give me much time to sew loudly on a machine in the conservatory, which amplifies the sound of my sewing.

So I've come to the conclusion that I will hand sew this next quilt and the ones after that will probably be pieced by machine, as long as it's warm enough not to turn into an icicle.

Mum and Dad chose the Prancing Peacock design last year, I then spent ages looking for fabrics, which is much harder online than in person. No way to pick up fabrics, rock round the store and compare shades, see which feel right etc....

While I was in the Quiltworx support group on FB I stumbled across Granny Sassy Designs, a certified Quiltworx shop. This certification actually means a lot, it's not a freebie given out to just anyone. It involves a lot of quilt making, training, study and proof of ability, both business sense and stitchcraft.

You can recognise a Certified Shop as they will proudly display one of these logos.

I couldn't believe my luck!

Granny Sassy Designs had a single original colourway kit left in stock for the Prancing Peacock quilt. It was serendipity as there was also an end of year discount running, which made the postage across the ocean affordable.

I placed the order, then sat back nervously waiting.....

I received an email saying I had been given a refund from Granny Sassy Designs, and my heart sank... had there been a mistake, was the final kit already sold?

No it was a refund of overage on the posting fee. I had been given back the extra that wasn't spent on posting the fabric out to me. I was so impressed as I've not seen that with any supplier before. Postage quoted had always been postage paid.

Now I could not wait to see what was coming.

The New Year came and went and finally my parcel arrived. A well packed box filled with glorious jewel toned fabric.

When I opened up the parcel I was really surprised, not only was there a hand written note but the fabric was ready labelled to match the pattern. All sent in a plastic storage bag which will be perfect for the project.

So much thought and attention from a supplier is a wonder to see. I felt really appreciated and I can't wait to get started on the first steps for this quilt. As with all Quiltworx patterns most of the time is spent in prep and planning. Granny Sassy Designs has made this process a lot easier already with the inclusion of the fabric labels, one for each slice of fabric that I need to cut from the fabric lengths.

I highly recommend buying fabric kits from Granny Sassy Designs, go check them out at

Oh and to be clear I enjoyed the process so much I became an affiliate so any purchases you make will help support this site at no extra cost to you.

I've gathered my bits and bobs so now I'm going to get organised. The Prep for a Quiltworx project is super important.

See you soon!

P.S. Yes I use everything in this pile of 'stuff' when I work on a quilt, see which stange items you can spot ;)

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1 Comment

Karen Moffett
Karen Moffett
Jan 19, 2021

I think machine piercing and hand quilting is perfectly legit. It allows you to do more of the personalized part without spending as much time on the part that is more difficult to tell whether it is hand done.

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