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2020 Round up of Quilts

These are the quilts I began working on in 2020. I have only completed one, however all were hand sewn and hand quilted so it takes a long time to finish them all up, plus I didn't actually start working on any of them until May. I actually wore holes in three metal thimbles this year! I have now been gifted a few different styles which I will be playing with and will provide feedback on them in the New Year. It hurts when you keep stabbing yourself while wearing a thimble, plus I kept being surprised each time I did it... not sure quite what that says about me, I tried my best not to bleed on the quilt too much.

The largest is my official 'Lockdown Quilt' which I had been planning to make for about 10 years....

Lock Down Wedding Ring Quilt

It's a Double Wedding Ring Quilt at Queen size. It's all hand sewn from the quilt top through to the binding. I even hand quilted the whole thing!

My biggest challenge with this quilt was not the size of it, but that my mini schnauzer Sophie kept falling asleep on it as I worked.

I still have the outer border to complete but I'm very pleased with how far it has come since the fabric arrived in May. This is our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration, our party was cancelled due to Covid-19 of course.

The quilt includes our names and the date of our wedding. I'm still shocked that 25 years have passed, I remember saying to Rob that when we hit our Silver Wedding Anniversary he'd be 50! Oh how we laughed....

Frozen Up-Cycle Quilt

The second Quilt I started working on was an upcycled project for my niece. I re-used a Frozen Duvet set, which was perfect as it gave both the matching front and backing fabric. I only had to find some binding from my fabric stash. I made a very loooong strip of plain white for the binding, the first time I've used white as binding, and for an 8 year old too!

Again this was another hand sewn and hand quilted project. As I had a lot of time during lockdown I spent a lot of it handworking rather than locking myself out in the Woollery with the sewing machine.

This was completed on Christmas Eve, after I appliqued my niece's name in the official Frozen font. Why? Why did I use the official font.... It has so many spikes but it did look super cool.

Macaw Quilt

My third Quilt for 2020 was another completely hand sewn beauty. I have completed the Quilt Top and am currently half way through hand quilting it. A much smaller piece at a 58" square design from Quiltworx. I'm hoping to have completed it by the Spring.

It's a foundation piecing pattern which creates some stunning points and shapes to the quilt top. Although when you look at the individual pieces it's like a really difficult jigsaw.

Prancing Peacock Quilt

I have already ordered the fabric for my next quilt top project, another from Quiltworx, the Prancing Peacock. It will be a gift for my Mum and Dad, they chose the design and loved the original colourway, shown above.

I was very lucky to get the fabric kit from Granny Sassy Designs and with her end of year discount the postage was totally affordable!

If you want to see the amazing Quiltworx designs and maybe grab some ready cut fabric kits I really recommend checking out Granny Sassy Designs. Click the Image to the right to hop on over there.

Note: It's an affiliate link so know that I may get paid if you buy anything, no extra cost to you, but it means a whole lot to me to help keep the site as free as possible.

My Quilting Plans for 2021

I'm already planning quilts for my Mother In Law and my son. I'll be designing a fishing based quilt for Brad as it's his life's passion, besides pattisserie (baking not just eating).

My Mother In Law has requested a Coral Reef in Silvers and Greys so that will be an interesting pallet to fill out in the spring. I'm still waiting on my daughters request... no clule what she will want created but it will be fun finding out.

I'll also be creating some simple cushion patterns and a few quit designs based on our wonderful patchwork unicorn logo.

Not forgetting the FREE Make A Quilt in 5 Days Challenge which will be released in the spring too. Perfect for beginners or those who want to stretch their skills a little.

What are your quilting plans for 2021? Please share them in the comments below, I love to see what folk are hoping to create.

Stay Safe,

Babs x

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