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Blanket Sizes - Baby

I make a large number of blankets, for all ages. Quilts, crochet and knitted varieties of different sizes. The ones which cause me most difficulty are for babies.

I don't know about you but I get so confused with all the different options when making a baby blanket.

How big does it need to be to fit a crib? What's a receiving blanket? and I've been asked for a swaddling blanket....

It feels so much pressure and I don't have a ton of strollers and cribs laying about the house waiting for me to measure.

Unlike single, double and queen sized beds which I do have access to.

I did some research and am happy to share these numbers with you below.

Blanket Size Measurement


Lovey 12" x 12"

Security 14" x 17"

Stroller 30" x 35"

Receiving 40" x 40"

Small Cradle 15" x 30"

Large Cradle 18" x 33"

Crib 36" x 54"

Toddler 42" x 52"

Swaddling 48" x 48"

I also created a FREE downloadable for you to help out in this situation. Just click on the graphic and you can download for free from our shop.

Please share this information with other makers who may find it of use.

Sharing is Caring

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