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Sashay Yarn Review and Knotted Scarf

Following on from the Mystery Yarn Unboxing yesterday I decided to take a look at the Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn first. It was a totally different type of yarn than I have ever used before.

Yarn Info

Red Heart Boutique Sashay

Weight: Super Bulky

Suggested Needle/Hook Size: 5.5mm

Colour: 01950

100g / 27m

97% Acrylic, 3% Polyester

Price: £19.99

Available from Penguin's Attic Yarns

After stretching it out I discovered that it wasn't a t-shirt style yarn, as I first thought. It was made of a kind of fishnet with a side of metallic along one edge in multiple colours. A very chunky sized yarn in two balls so I had to be careful about what I was going to make so I didn't run out.

The default examples for this yarn were ripple style scarves but I didn't fancy one of those. You may, or maybe not, know that I have dabbled with large macrame pieces in the past. So I decided to give a macrame inspired technique a go.

I split each ball into 8 strands of the same length, laying them out across the living room floor to measure them evenly. I then double knotted them in 4 groups of 4 strands for a total of 16 of these strands, about 3.4m each.

I chose to secure the 4 knots over the top of the door so the length of the strands could drop down allowing me to keep everything untangled. If I was working macrame I'd use a rod of some sort, but being lockdown with hubby on video calls where I can use my rods wasn't an option I fancied.

As you can see a lot of space is needed to use this method, but gravity and the height of the door really helped me keeping things untangled.

I began to join the 4 sets of strands two at a time in a grid pattern, which will be very familiar to macrame enthusiasts. Joining two stands from either side of the new knot means each new knot always has 4 strands.

As I progressed I had to move the knotted sections up and over the top of the door frame to avoid crawling around on the floor in a undignified manner. I also found myself calling out to family member to leave the door alone whenever I heard someone moving past on the other side.

As the strands became shorter I didn't need to keep straightening things out and the knotting progressed a lot faster. The official macrame/sailing name for the knots I used is a Double Half Hitch.