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I Won a Mystery Box of Yarn!

Penguins Attic Yarn Shop opened recently and over on their Instagram feed they ran a giveaway. 10 boxes of yarn were sent out to 10 crafters who were randomly selected.

I was lucky enough to be selected by the randomiser and today I received my mystery box....

It arrived while I was out walking Sophie, my ring notification came up on the phone and I was hit with the dilemma to rush back for squishy mail or do the adult thing and actually walk the dog properly....

I'm a good owner and I diligently walked Sophie, while my mind was spinning over what I could possibly create from the mystery yarns.

So after I opened up the box, can you tell I'd just got in from a dog walk - oh my hair!!!!

I began thinking about all the things I could create with the yarn. First up I knew just the crochet piece I wanted to create from the cottons. It was ever so small and simple, but very summery so the colours would work perfectly.

Then the smaller cloud ball - oh I have the perfect new knitting pattern to try this on - I just have to hope there is enough yarn to complete it. It's only small so fingers crossed I won't end up playing yarn chicken.

I'm still at a loss for the tinsel, so any suggestions please drop them in the comments to help me out.

Finally, although it should be firstl as I've already completed it, the Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn. This is a very unusual yarn and I've never seen it before. But I cracked on, had a play and I'm really happy with the finished item.

I'll share what I made in tomorrow's blog post, I needed a lot of space, a door and scissors but no needles or hooks!

Once again thank you goes to Claire from Penguins Attic Yarns for this amazing giveaway, the shop and instagram links are below.

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Fiona Cotterill
Fiona Cotterill
08 Απρ 2021

Beautiful, well done 🥰

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