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Christmas Eve Fitted Mitten KAL - Part 4

Onto the fourth and final section where we complete the Finger tops for our mitten.

If you have been a very keen knitter, with ample time on your side, you will have two finished mitten bases. If not no worries, simply knit along at your own pace knowing these mitten tops work up really fast to get you over the finish line.

Set the mitten bases safely aside, I managed to loose mine down the cushions at the back of the sofa......, as we will be casting on the toppers now.

Make 2 toppers the same, to match the length of your fingers comfortably down to the join line on the back of the mittens. This is where I rue having such long fingers!


K Knit

Ktbl Knit through back of the loop

Sl Slip stitch purl wise

Co Cast on

Bo Bind off

inc increase

Pattern Instructions

All instructions are for both needles, except rnd 1 where the first needle is worked through the back of the loops to un twist the cast on.

We will cast on with a figure 8 method as for a toe up sock. There s video for that below, if you've never done it before.

Cast on 16 sts (8 sts in DK yarn) using the toe up method giving a total of 32sts (16sts in DK)

Rnd 1: K all through back loop on the first needle, k all on second needle

Rnd 2: K1, inc (k1, sl) to last st, inc, k1 (inc total of 4 sts)

Rnd 3: K all

Repeat rnd 2 & 3 until 36 sts on each needle,11 repeats total. (20sts, 6 repeats total in DK)

Continue working straight in body pattern for an inch, end on a rnd 4, skip the next step if working in DK.

Repeat Rnd 2 & 3 twice more giving 40 sts on each needle for 4 ply only.

Continue straight until when worn the mitten top length reaches the purl row on the mitten.

Joining Mitten Top to Mitt

Make sure to orient the mitten tops to the mittens correctly. The mittens should face away from you with wrist end furthest from you. The Mitten top will fold down over the back of the mitten so double check this alignment before you begin the BO process.

BO the first needle.

Join and BO the second needle to the raised purl sts on the mitten.

When ready to begin the BO pick up a single purl st from the main mitten and knit together with the next st from the mitten top.

Pass the 2nd st on the right needle over and drop, as you would for a standard bind off.

Now repeat picking up a purl stitch from the mitten body and knitting it together with the next mitten topper stitch until you have completed the attachment.

Bo off the remaining sts.

Weave in the ends.

There you have it a completed fitted mitten with finger topper. As promised no seaming after the knitting is done!

I really hope you have enjoyed this fun make and will be looking forward to the next KAL, CAL or MAL....

There will be several coming up in 2021, the first being the crochet version of these mittens.


FREE Challenges at your own Pace

I am working on several new challenges for you all to enjoy in your own time. Removing the pressure a full on CAL, KAL or MAL can bring. You can still discuss progress, ask for help if needed and share photos in the Yarn Jugglers group.

There is currently a crochet baby blanket challenge available to complete in your own time the Trigonus Blanket. You can sign up for this Challenge for FREE at any time here.

Our challenges are designed to support mobile devices so you can get crafty with me on the Babs Gets Crafty mobile app anywhere any time.


Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring in everything that we do in our world of yarn. The more you share this event (and others) online, the more people visit the site and you help support me. That is how designers get noticed and it helps to grow reputation for the blogs you enjoy.

As we all work through the Christmas Eve Fitted Mitten KAL 2020 I ask that you use our hashtag to share and make a great gallery of what you are working on. #ChristmasEveFittedMittenKAL2020 #getcraftywithbabs

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