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Christmas Eve Fitted Mitten KAL - Part 2

Now you have the main ribbing down we can move onto the body pattern. This is fundamental to the delicate pattern of the texture for these gloves. You will be alternating knit slip with slip knit to create little boxes of texture. The instructions are the same for both DK and 4 ply yarns, although the stitch counts to increase or decrease are stated, keep on mind the stitch counts shown are for the 4 ply only.

Pro Tip: Make a note of which stitch you will begin the next round with either K or Sl... It, really helps!

You will also be measuring against your hand to create a fit that's perfect for you. So lets get started.


Basic Body Slip Stitch Pattern

Rnd 1: (K1, sl1) to the end

Rnd 2: K to end

Rnd 3: (Sl1, k1) to the end

Rnd 4: K to end


K Knit

P Purl

Sl Slip stitch purl wise

K2tog Knit 2 together

Co Cast on

Bo Bind off

inc Increase

Pattern Instructions - Part 2

We will be increasing the first round only, then moving onto the basic body slip stitch pattern. Instructions are to be repeated across both front and back needles unless otherwise specified.

Inc rnd 1: (K1, inc, k to last stitch on needle, inc, k1) repeat on 2nd needle (64sts)

Work in main body pattern until work measures 2cm / 3/4" from ribbing, ending with a rnd 3.

For the individual hand shaping there are differences in the front and back needles which are shown below. Do not repeat instructions across both needles or you will end up with a very odd shape to your mitten!

Increase Left Thumb

Front Needle Back Needle

IncLRnd 1, 3, 5, 7: K to last st, inc , k K1, inc, k to end

IncLRnd 2, 6: (K1, sl) to end (Sl, k1) to end

IncLRnd 4, 8: (Sl, k1) to end (Sl, k1) to end

Tjhese 8 rounds will increase a total of 8 stitches for the left thumb shaping. (72sts)

Increase Right Thumb

Front Needle Back Needle

IncRRnd 1, 3, 5, 7: K1, inc, K to end K to last, inc, k1

IncRRnd 2, 6: (Sl, k1) to end (K1, sl) to end

IncRRnd 4, 8: (Sl, k1) to end (Sl, k1) to end

These 8 rounds will have increased by 8 sts total for the right thumb shaping. (72sts)

Continue in body pattern until the mitten reaches the thumb knuckle joint, ending on a rnd 4.

We will work the thumb and complete the first portion of the mitts in Part 3.


Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring in everything that we do in our world of yarn. The more you share this event (and others) online, the more people visit the site and you help support me. That is how designers get noticed and it helps to grow reputation for the blogs you enjoy.

As we all work through the Christmas Eve Fitted Mitten KAL 2020 I ask that you use our hashtag to share and make a great gallery of what you are working on. #ChristmasEveFittedMittenKAL2020 #getcraftywithbabs

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