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Christmas Eve Fitted Mitten KAL - Part 3

Onto the third section where we complete the base mitten.

When you break the mitten for the thumb hole there will be half the stitches cast off on the back needle and half on the front needle. This is to avoid twisting.

If you don’t want to add the mitten tops you can ignore the purl row and continue on in main body pattern, for a mitten like the first image above.

To be clear the purl row should be across the knuckle line on the back of your mitten, as shown below.


K Knit

P Purl

Sl Slip stitch purl wise

K2tog knit 2 together

Co Cast on

Bo Bind off, K2, (slip first sts from left needle over the second st on right needle dropping it, K1)Repeat to end.

inc increase

Pattern Instructions

You should by now have the body of the mitten worked until the base of your thumb joint and are ready to create the thumb hole.

Left Thumb Hole

You will now have reduced by 8 sts (70sts).

Shape Right Thumb

This thumb may feel a little odd as you begin to bind off on the back needle, the round BEFORE you cast off at the front. Please be sure to measure your work on the final K all round of the main body.

You will now have reduced by 8 sts (70sts).

Continue in body pattern from rnd 4 until you reach the knuckle line. If you are making basic mitts, without the finger cover continue in pattern and skip the next instruction.

Create the join line for the Finger Tops

Work a K to end on the front needle, changing to a p to end on the back needle, this should be ona K all round.

Final Ribbing

Continue on in body pattern until the mitten reaches the base of the index finger, end on a rnd 2 or 4.

Repeat rib instructions once on each needle (front and back) until the end of the mitten now as there is no longer any specific hand shaping.

Rib 1: K1, k2 tog, k to last three sts on needle, k2 tog, k1

Rib 2: (K2, p1) to end.

Repeat Rib 2 until the ribbing reaches the first joint on the index finger.

Bind off

K2, (slip first sts from left needle over the second st on right needle dropping it, K1)Repeat to end.

Weave in the ends.

You have a first base mitt, or if not including the mitten tops you are all done! Simply make a second mitt over the weekend, I'm assuming of course you have nothing else to do, such as work, feeding family or yourself, sleeping etc..... and you'll be ready for the final part next Tuesday.

There's no real rush of course, these mittens are intended as a fun way to spend some 'me' time after the busyness of the holidays and stress of lockdowns. The patterns will be here waiting for you to be ready.


Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring in everything that we do in our world of yarn. The more you share this event (and others) online, the more people visit the site and you help support me. That is how designers get noticed and it helps to grow reputation for the blogs you enjoy.

As we all work through the Christmas Eve Fitted Mitten KAL 2020 I ask that you use our hashtag to share and make a great gallery of what you are working on. #ChristmasEveFittedMittenKAL2020 #getcraftywithbabs

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