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How to Use a Blind Hem Foot

No need to be confused about folding, flipping and turning the fabric.

This is a clear easy to understand video tutorial for using a blind hem foot with your sewing machine to create the perfect blind hem.

This tutorial is part of the Presser Foot Collection.

What is a Blind Hem?

This is the hem used on trousers, skirts and jackets for an almost invisible finish.

How Does the Blind Hem Foot Help?

Blind hemming can sometimes be a little bit tricky so the blind hem foot goes some way to helping improve this technique. The foot has a metal guide in the center and three grooves on the underside.

During blind hemming, the fold of the fabric fits snugly against the adjustable, white plastic guide on the foot for accuracy, while the grooves underneath help to prevent unnecessary slipping.

The needle swings over the metal guide creating slack in the upper tension so that the pick of the stitch is almost invisible on the front of the fabric.

Testing your position and tension is crucial to achieving that invisible hem. In the video I use a contrasting thread for visibility, in real life you would use a thread that matches your fabric as closely as possible.

Want to see how to sew a Blind Hem for a pair of trousers?

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Babs Rudlin
Babs Rudlin
Jan 23, 2021

Glad it’s helpful. The Presser Foot Collection is growing into a useful reference that you can dip into and out of as needed.


Karen Moffett
Karen Moffett
Jan 23, 2021

Ha, I just rewatched this video a couple of weeks ago to refresh my memory, because I do it so rarely. It's so helpful, thanks! 💕

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