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How to Use a Fringe Foot

A simple to use foot to produce a couple of stunning embellishments for your sewing projects. Fringes and loops can be used to great effect on cushions, clothes, quits, bags, toys and more.

The fringe foot, which is also known as a looper foot or even tacking foot. You can use it to make 3D loops on your fabric or to add a thread fringe. It’s even helpful as a tailor tack, hence the tacking foot name. I want to show you how to use a fringe foot in this easy beginner sewing tutorial.

The most important part of this foot is the bar in the middle of the foot. This is what will cause the stitches to loop up and give them height. When your sewing machine zigzag stitches (or another compatible stitch), the needle brings the thread over the bar. The bar increases the amount of thread going into each stitch, leaving the threads raised in a looped appearance.

There are two toes to hold the fabric down, and they form a V where they meet at the bar.

Things to Think About When Using a Fringe Foot

  • If your length of stitch used is too short, your thread will bunch up and have difficulty going over the bar and under the presser foot.

  • A heavyweight thread will make denser thread loops, so be careful that you’re not getting too much volume on top of the bar.

  • Always start your stitching by using the handwheel to move the needle, making sure it is going to fully clear the central bar. If it doesn’t, you will break a needle.

  • Pull your fabric off the foot by moving it to the back carefully - DO NOT PULL TOWARD YOU.


You can learn about other Presser Feet in the Presser Foot Collection of tutorials. Please share these learning resources with your sewing pals and use the tags #getcraftywithbabs #presserfootcollecrtion #igotcraftywithbabs

You can share your makes and gain inspiration from other sewing enthusiasts at my FB Group Fabric Jugglers.

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Karen Moffett
Karen Moffett

Haha, love the bloopers at the end. Nice to know we're all human! 😘

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