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Sewing Machine Practice

As with any other skill beginners, and those of us who stepped away from our sewing machines for a 'moment', can benefit from practicing before we get started on a new project.

Why waste our precious fancy 100% cotton, or denim or other perfectly chosen fabric for our dream make by messing up on our stitches?

Getting the stitch length wrong, missing the mark with wobbly 'straight' lines or curving our top stitching rather than completing beautiful corners can be frustrating. When all it would take is a quick run through of some practice sheets to remind our muscles of what they should be doing.

I created a FREE PDF downloadable for you which can be re-printed as many times as needed. Hints and tips on how to create the perfect stitches for your next project, right there on the page as you sew.

No need to use up costly fabric, new needles or threads to practice. Keep working with your old needle and remember to replace when you start you next project.

Which is pretty good practice anyway, new project = new machine needle.

You can experiment right there on the page to see which stitch length or zig zag widths you find most appealing. How wide a gap from the fabric edge makes your preferred top stitch?

The Sewing Practice Sheets 101 Set includes:

  • Zig Zag

  • Straight lines

  • Off set lines / Hemming

  • Curved Stitches

  • Pivoting

You can download the Sewing Practice Sheets 101 for free.

You may also be interested in my Presser Foot Collection of tutorials, with instructions for how to use over 15 different presser feet. The tutorial collection is growing on a regular basis too.

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