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How to Crochet Around the Post

Crochet Stitch of the Week - Round the Post

To create longer straight stitches, or indeed a lovely horizontal strip effect you can use crochet around the post effects. There are two methods for crocheting around the posts, Round the Front and Round the Back.

Crochet Round the Front Post

You can crochet around the front post to raise vertical stitches on the front of the work and vertical stripes on the reverse.

Crochet Round the Back Post

Of course you can also crochet around the back post to create vertical stripes on the front and horizontal stripes on the reverse.


Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring in everything that we do in our world of yarn. The more you share the Stitch of the Week posts online, the more people visit the site and you help support me. That is how designers get noticed and it helps to grow reputation for the blogs you enjoy.


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