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What is C2C?

You may often see crochet along or CALs for C2C. While C2C is the name of a transport company in the UK that is clearly not the meaning in the context of crochet.

So quite simply what is C2C?

This friendly little acronym stands for Corner to Corner. The direction of construction for a specific style of fabric created in crochet using blocks is quite literally from the lower right corner to the upper left.

The beauty of this style pf construction means designers have the ability to draw pixel based images. Think back to the images in retro computer games, this is termed pixelation. Designers are no longer limited to stripes they can get really creative using these little squares/pixels.

I have designed a couple of throws/blankets using the pixel technique.

These base blocks can be of different size depending upon the level of pixellation the designer requires for the finished effect. The standard size generally uses Treble crochet (UK Terms)/Double crochet (US terms) which when used with DK weight yarn and a 3.5 mm hook creates base block of 1" square.

If using a smaller hook, with lighter weight yarn and a dc (uk)/sc (us) or htr (uk)/hdc (us) you get dramatically smaller squares.

By using smaller squares you will have a more defined less blocky final image. It is using these options that designers can create almost photographic reproductions of faces in larger blankets. Some of these designs are truly amazing!

As these projects rely heavily of the charts or graphs to direct your work they are often referred to a Graphghan patterns. A quick search for either C2C or Graphghan will fill your search engine with stunning images of some amazing designs.

There are also some fabulous almost magical 3D effects which can be created using the C2C methods and only a few shades.

I will be updating my C2C collection on Babs Gets Crafty andmoving the Mythical CAL across from the Facebook group to make the instructions for this 12 month CAL more accessible.

I also have a new Bellagio style baby blanket pattern which will be released in February 2021.

Now you have an understanding of what a C2C pattern involves lets get looking at how to work these beauties!

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