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One Year On....

A year ago my family, myself, husband and my teen son, suffered an assault from a group of local teen boys. This resulted in my husband temporarily losing sight in one eye and was the trigger for my becoming a shut in. I didn't leave my bedroom for months and needed therapy to begin re-entering life again. I still cannot go out alone to anywhere meaningful, which has played merry hell with our dog walking. I used to take Sophie on hour long rambles twice a day, she has noticed the impact a lot.

To celebrate that fact that I can go to 'some', very limited, places alone now, although not dog walking, I am sharing my most popular pattern, the Dragonscale Scarf, in its PDF format for free. This pattern will be available for free, as a PDF, for as long as it take me to knit up a new scarf for myself.

Click the image to the right to download the PDF file for free from this website.

As I knit fairly quickly this won't last for long so please download now while you can! Once I've knitted the scarf I'll leave the pattern as a blog post, rather than a PDF download so if you find this post 'too late' you won't totally loose out ;)

I am using the Cygnet Boho Spirit in the colourway Festival, with 4.5 Chiaogoo red cable needles. For my own interest I will be timing how long this take me and I'll be sharing real time progress over on twitter.

This is a rainbow fade yarn, similar to the one I use don the original scarf and I will see how long a scarf I can create out of the two balls I have. If anyone wants to knit along with me I would be very happy to see your makes so please tag me in!

All the best for now and enjoy your summer.

Babs x

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1 Comment

Fiona Cotterill
Fiona Cotterill
Jul 22, 2021

I'm pleased your feeling well enough to get out a little bit more now. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern.

Take care xx

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