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100% Cotton Yarn Review Scheepjes & Drops

Another selection of yarn from my Mystery Yarn Unboxing were the two types of 100% cotton yarn. The colours worked together which was a bonus so I could use them all together in a single project.

The Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat was a much finer yarn so I used it doubled up which created a fabulous textured and shiny fabric. It would be perfect for bracelets or chokers in future projects. However this time around I wanted to combine everything into a single set which meant doubling up the yarn to match the Drops Safran cottons.

The Safran cottons were much softer to work with and absorb water more readily than the Scheepjes cotton.

None of them were 'splitty' which I have noticed in other cotton yarns I have used in the past.

The cottons also go a lot farther than I was expecting, making these an excellent purchase.

I still have a lot of yarn left over after creating the Jug topper, large Cartwheel coaster and 6 mug/glass coasters.


Yarn Info

Drops Safran Uni Colour

Weight: Sport/5 ply

Needle/Hook Size: 3mm/US D3/2,5

Colour: 19 (red) & 12 (peach)

50g / 160m

100% Cotton

Price: £1.15

Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat

Weight: Lace/2 ply

Needle/Hook Size: 1.25mm

Colour: 414 Salmon

25g / 140m

100% Cotton Mercerized

Price: £1.29


The Mercerized cotton, from Scheepjes, give a shiny appearance and a lux feel to the finished items although it does reduce the absorbance of the cotton.

I used a few hooks to find the best size to work with both the brands and ended up unravelling the scheepjes yarn completely to access both ends to allow me to double up the yarn.

This was a minor inconvenience and to be frank the only negative of the yarn that I encountered. As it is wound tightly around a cardboard tube I couldn't get to the 'other end' of the yarn with any ease. This really is a very minor issue but it did cost me over half an hour unwinding and re-winding the yarn just to get to the second end.

With the end of lockdown approaching in the UK and the fact that I've been spending quality time with my garden I fancied something that I could use in the summer.

I have always admired my Mums jug covers, I'm sure there is a more elegant name for these things. Those delicate lacy crochet covers to keep nasties out of the drinks in the summer. We had several plain white ones made by my Grandmother when I was a child and they still feel like a very luxurious item to have.

As I'm hoping to finally have a BBQ this summer it would be a great use of the absorbant cotton for a matching set of coasters (remember what condensation running down a tall glass of your fave drink was like) and jug covers. I gotta find a better name for this!

Starting with the Salmon Scheepjes yarn I created a three colour topper which then needed weights to hold it down. My Grandmar had used beading but it's still lockdown and beading shops aren't 'essential' so I gotta find something else to use....

Luckily I adore ornamental stitch markers and have a load of them which I can easily add to the topper as weights. As an added bonus these fruit stitch markers bring a fun summer vibe to the drink!

I'll share the free patterns over the next couple of days for the topper, cartwheel coaster and glass coasters too.

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