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Self Care this Valentines

Well it's here, whether you are in a loved up couple bubbling together, a couple separated by lockdown restrictions or simply a single with your own stuff to do, we could all use a little more self care this year.

I've had plenty of Feb 14th's pass me by feeling alone and dejected, some in a relationship still felt this way. Following on from 2020 and the impact Covid-19 has had on all our lives this year I'm focussing more on self care than worrying about the relentless lovey dovey version which seems to be thrust on us every year.

Last summer when I was at my darkest, following an assault on the entire family, I sent myself flowers with a card. By now of course the flowers are long gone, the card however still stands in the conservatory, looking a little worse for wear now. The whole family refer to it as needed.

The message inside reads 'You're amazing and deserve a hug.' It gives us a quick lift and reminds us we are all deserving of a hug at any time, for no real reason.

Plus we all get a feel good moment when we are presented with the card and asked for a hug out of nowhere. A small permission slip is sometimes needed during the hustle and daily grind.

That one simple act of self care has given me more happiness than I thought possible.

Little things like this, simple steps we take to look after ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic are not indulgent or selfish they are necessary.

I've listed a few of the heart based patterns and fripperies for your perusal below. If you are like me then a little time with yarn helps my mental health tremendously.

If you want to join us over at Yarn Jugglers on facebook to share in more yarn enjoyment please follow the link. You will be warmly welcomed whether a nervous beginner or an experienced hand.

For those looking for something to 'give back' our local knitters and crocheters have also been making the pairs of hearts for our local NHS staff and the End of Life Covid-19 ward. These have been bringing a lot of joy and a reminder we are not alone, as you can see in the message below from one of the amazing local NHS nurses.

"You have made a lot of patients/staffs day..

There are a few patients who are not only due to come out of isolation, but soon to be discharged; these hearts, cards, pictures and everything your doing is amazing, it really does lift everyone’s spirits.

The whole of Rochford Hospital couldn’t be anymore grateful

I will get some more pictures over the next few days and be sure to be posting these pictures all over the hospital!

I have given cards/hearts to patients but due to obvious reason I can’t take pictures...

It really means a lot to the patients, especially their mental health, well done and thank you" - NHS Nurse from Rochford hospital

I have also made some of these hearts to post to family members and friends that I cannot see at the moment to remind them I care and they are in our thoughts.

Share your expressions of self care in the comment below, something as simple as a nap can have untold benefits. We are all entitled to a little relaxation, an act of kindness to ourselves to aid in reducing our stress and raising our spirits any time we want.

It is not selfish it is necessary.

This Valentines Day, and throughout the year, make sure to take a minute to give yourself some of that lovey dovey stuff too, you deserve it!

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