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Knitting Charts Explained Mini Series

I asked in our Facebook group, Yarn Jugglers, recently what people wanted more help with. There were several comments and one resounding one was for more help with Knitting charts.

"I'm not confident reading knitting charts, can you help?"

Written instructions can appear very complex, and this can be off-putting for a beginner. Many of my patterns have accompanying charts which some lace knitters find simpler to follow.

However not everyone is used to reading a chart, and these too can seem intimidating.

I mean is it instantly obvious to a new knitter what the charts below mean? How would you read them? What are the grey blocks for? What do you mean read left to right?

To help with this, I have created have included a 'how-to' mini series of articles covering the basics, reading flat and in the round, changing stitch counts and top 5 tips for working with charts.

As an added bonus these will also help you out with the free Spring Shawl KAL, which begins on the 15th February 2021.

Each articles is linked below so you can easily find them all in the blog from a central point.

If you have any other questions either drop them into the comments below or join us in the Yarn Jugglers group and ask away and share your projects with other yarn lovers.

Feel free to share with any of your knitting pals who may need a refresher too.

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