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Top 5 Tips for Reading Knitting Charts

After all the detailed explanations over the past few days this is a quick summary of they tips and tactics you really need to focus on when working from charts in knitting.

  1. Ask yourself, am I knitting flat or in the round? That determines from which side you should begin reading the row.

  2. Sometimes the wrong side of the work is not shown in a chart, alternate row/round numbers will be listed when this happens. In this case, read through the instructions to see what the designer wants you to do with WS rows/ even numbered rounds.

  3. Is there a key? Check you understand the stitch abbreviations and symbols.

  4. Feel free to print out and write/draw on the chart as you progress, this is a very common practice. Using Post-it notes or washi tape to mark where you are on a chart can also be helpful.

  5. Sections of repeated stitches are often shown with a red border. If printing in black and white, make sure to highlight these repeated sections clearly on your hard copy.

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