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FREE Textured Ripple Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

So we've come to the end of the year and I'm anxiously looking around me for something to cast on to calm me back down. My favourite yarn stores are closed for the holidays, or because of covid-19, and so I've resorted to mining my stash of yarns.

I couldn't find the baby soft DK or higher weight I was originally looking for. But then out of the corner of my eye I spot this fabulous cake of blue, pink and purple cotton. It's 4 ply and I've had it around for an age, but now it calls to me.

Why make yet another super snuggly warm blanket?

I can create a crib blanket that is light-weight and perfect for the upcoming spring time. The colour fade doesn't need a fancy stitch so I decide to create a simple textured ripple. By working through the back of the loop you get a stepped texture between rows, which makes the blanket double sided (no wrong side at all).

The yarn colour change really shines and you still get a beautiful blanket which becomes by default a mindless crochet project. The cotton yarn gives a wonderfully drapey fabric and it's light yet still gives a slight warmth. Perfect for a spring time blanket for a little one.

This is a ridiculously simple "pattern" you cast on, set up and then repeat row 2 throughout!

There is a detailed ripple tutorial over here, with a video if you're new to Rippling blankets, or just want to see me crocheting.


What I Used

  • Wendy Anaphora 4 ply yarn (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in the colour 3421 Hockney a 150g cake with 600m/657yds

  • 3.75mm hook

  • wool needle for sewing in the ends


22 sts x 15 rows in pattern over 10 cm square

The final blanket is Large Crib sized measuring 18" x 23"

So lets get on with it, I've included both a UK Terms version and a US Terms version.

UK Terms

ch Chain

crab Crab stitch/reverse dc - tutorial

dc Double Crochet

dc3tog Double crochet 3 sts together

st(s) stitch(es)

tr treble crochet

tr3tog treble 3 sts together

inc 3tr in the next st

Chain 103 sts, turn

Row 1: Tr into the third ch from the hook, 5tr, (tr3tog, 5tr, inc, 5 tr) repeat to last ch, 2tr in final ch. Turn.

Make sure to work in the Back Loop Only from now to the end of the blanket. This is what created the stepped texture we are attempting to create.

Row 2: Ch2, tr in first st, 5tr, (tr3tog, 5tr, inc, 5tr) repeat to last st, 2tr in final ch. Turn.

Continue to repeat row 2 until you reach the end of the blanket.

Crab Stitch Borders

Now to top and tail the blanket for a touch of added dimension.

Row 1: Ch1, dc in first st, 5dc, (dc3tog, 5dc, inc3dc, 5dc) repeat to last st, 2dc in final st. do not turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, crab across from right to left, working back the way you came.

Break off the yarn at the end of Row 2.

Turn the blanket, do not flip it over simply rotate it 180 degrees so you are working from the same side at the other end.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2.