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Featured Crafter: JM Arts

JM Arts is the business name of Jay. Jay creates the most stunning miniature amigurumi that I have ever seen! Jay is currently working on her second mini pattern which I cannot wait to see once it launches.

Where to Find JM Arts

Etsy Storefor JM Arts

You can find Jay on Instagram as @handmadebyjmarts with a bright and fun feed of her tiny makes. Jay also took part in this month's April Abundance Giveaway and you can enter for a chance to win some of her tiny creations here.

JM Arts

I have always been building, drawing and creating art for longer than I can remember. I loved art attack growing up. I always wanted to learn to crochet but all of my family are right handed and so I never got further than making really long chains. Until my mum finally got Internet when I was around 16 (I think).

Back then bella coco wasn't a thing. And being left handed I had to watch a right handed video but try and mirror it. After many attempts and I mean many I managed to whip up one row of single crochet and I was happy with that. But I wanted to do something more.

When I found amigurumi, my whole word opened up and again youtube was my best friend.

I only made big things back then.

But one day on Pinterest I was looking for amigurumi patterns, when I came across doubletrebletrinkets. She is my inspiration, I will never be able to crochet as small as her but I would love to be able to one day.

To get to make pieces as small as I do I had to work down to a small size. First using a 0.75mm hook and 3 strands of embroidery thread. All the way down to 0.6mm hook and 2 strand and sometimes even 1 strand.

It's time-consuming working so small and can take over double the time to make a small piece as it does to make a big piece.

I have to take many breaks due to sore wrists.

Sometimes I get so consumed in making a piece, that I don't take any breaks at all until I'm finished (that doesn't happen very often tho). I love making miniature crochet and I'm glad I have come so far. I only hope one day to do this full time and keep sharing what I make with the world.

I already have my very own pattern up on my etsy store, link at the top of the post, and I'm working on creating other patterns for everyone to enjoy.