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Featured Crafter: Made By Janani

Made By Janani is the business name for Janani Thedsanamoorthy's beautiful quilling creations.

Where to Find Made By Janani

Facebook: Made By Janani

You can find Janani on Instagram as @madebyjanani with a bright beautiful feed of the paper creations.

Her quilling art is beautiful so why not pop over to see for yourself?

Made By Janani

In 2018, I realized how much happiness quilling gave me; which began in the comfort of my bedroom.

In December of that year, I found myself scrolling on Pinterest for a Christmas gift for my mother. I knew I wanted to create something handmade, so I searched something along the lines of cross arts and crafts. That was when I discovered paper quilling. I clicked on an image of a paper quilled cross and I instantly knew this was the perfect present to create for her.

I continuously researched paper quilling from this point on.

I was eager to learn more and more about this fascinating craft. I watched multiple YouTube videos, purchased quilling books, and even found myself purchasing a beginners paper quilling kit from QuilledCreations.com.

Eventually, I had my very own quilling store and library right from my bedroom.

My name is Janani (Jen-ahh-knee) and I am a 24-year-old self taught artist who is the face behind Made By Janani.

Growing up, I was not the most crafty person; but as I got older, I really dived into the arts and craft world. I started playing the clarinet as early as elementary school, but I was never really fond of it. I then discovered nail art in 2014. I loved it so much that I basically made my own nail salon (also from my bedroom).

I then played around a lot with watercolors, baking sweets such as spiced parsnip cake, toffee pudding, and pear cake with cardamom honey, and even purchased an iPad and played around with procreate; but none of these hobbies really stuck with me.

Quilling was the one hobby that I really connected with, and as I kept creating more and more paper quilled work, I was inspired to start sharing my art with the world.

When I first embarked on this journey, I feared judgement and criticism from others, but I realized that sharing art is exactly how we connect others to art—just like the way I discovered my passion for paper quilling—and I wanted to do the same.

I realized that my art is special because no one is ever going to recreate the same exact art as me. This inspired me to start sharing my work.