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Featured Crafter: Made By Janani

Made By Janani is the business name for Janani Thedsanamoorthy's beautiful quilling creations.


Where to Find Made By Janani

Facebook: Made By Janani

You can find Janani on Instagram as @madebyjanani with a bright beautiful feed of the paper creations.

Her quilling art is beautiful so why not pop over to see for yourself?


Made By Janani

In 2018, I realized how much happiness quilling gave me; which began in the comfort of my bedroom.

In December of that year, I found myself scrolling on Pinterest for a Christmas gift for my mother. I knew I wanted to create something handmade, so I searched something along the lines of cross arts and crafts. That was when I discovered paper quilling. I clicked on an image of a paper quilled cross and I instantly knew this was the perfect present to create for her.

I continuously researched paper quilling from this point on.

I was eager to learn more and more about this fascinating craft. I watched multiple YouTube videos, purchased quilling books, and even found myself purchasing a beginners paper quilling kit from

Eventually, I had my very own quilling store and library right from my bedroom.

My name is Janani (Jen-ahh-knee) and I am a 24-year-old self taught artist who is the face behind Made By Janani.

Growing up, I was not the most crafty person; but as I got older, I really dived into the arts and craft world. I started playing the clarinet as early as elementary school, but I was never really fond of it. I then discovered nail art in 2014. I loved it so much that I basically made my own nail salon (also from my bedroom).

I then played around a lot with watercolors, baking sweets such as spiced parsnip cake, toffee pudding, and pear cake with cardamom honey, and even purchased an iPad and played around with procreate; but none of these hobbies really stuck with me.

Quilling was the one hobby that I really connected with, and as I kept creating more and more paper quilled work, I was inspired to start sharing my art with the world.

When I first embarked on this journey, I feared judgement and criticism from others, but I realized that sharing art is exactly how we connect others to art—just like the way I discovered my passion for paper quilling—and I wanted to do the same.

I realized that my art is special because no one is ever going to recreate the same exact art as me. This inspired me to start sharing my work.

When I discovered quilling, I was ecstatic. I love forming art with paper. It is so versatile and the color combinations are endless . Even though it is time consuming and tedious, rolling and bending paper into shapes and putting it all together to create a design is extremely satisfying, and very appealing to the eye.

My passion for paper quilling and the arts and craft world continues to grow. To continue sharing my art with the world, I created both an Instagram and Facebook account dedicated solely to my art.

My art has grown significantly these past few years—all thanks to support from my family, friends, fellow artists, and anyone who took the time to share/like my art. Between working a full-time job and finding the time to create art, managing my social media pages for my work, engaging with other artists, and being consistent with my craft, the balance can be a struggle; but with how much I love quilling, I know that the effort is all worth it.

Edited by Lily Hartman

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