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No Sew Dog Toy Impossible Braid

This week Sophie, our Miniature Schnauzer, got a new cousin an adorable 8 week old Shipoo. My first gift for this bundle of fluff was a fun chew toy.

Its a simple to make ‘impossible braid’ toy. It’s made from Minky and is safe for young pups and older dogs.

How to Make the Impossible Braid

I cut a rectangle 6″ by 23″ and rounded off the ends.

Cut out two slits in the fabric, length wise, 2″ from each edge and stopping 2″ from each end.

Pro Tip: Take the cut minky outside and shake it like a mad thing!

There will be a snowstorm of fluff but at least its outside not inside and the birds can use the fluff for their own nesting projects.

Now to make that impossible braid.

Start to braid from the top of the rectangle as if the ends were loose, ignore the lower end of the fabric.

Right over left, left over right then right over left again.

Start to braid

Now to partially untwist this portion. Tuck the lower end of the rectangle from the front through the right slit and pull through.

It looks wonky and we will fix that next round.

Continue to braid…

Left over right, right over left and finally left over right one last time.

Complete the untwisting by tucking the bottom end from the front through the slit on the left side.

You should now have an untangled flat strip of fabric.

Continue on with these two steps, keeping the tension as tight as possible. Once completed the braiding will look like this. You can ease out the tighter and looser sections to even out the braid.

Both Sophie and Leia love their chew toys. I’d love to see photos of your fluff bundles playing with their new toys.

Stay Safe,

Babs x

Remember to tag your finished crafty makes with #babsgetscrafty for a chance of being featured in a future video or blog post round up.

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