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Lockdown Hugs by Fiona Cotterill

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Free Knitting Pattern

This simple design is perfect for beginners and can be worked as a mindless knit while binging you fave shows/movies. Fiona has used a very simple grid technique with alternating increase and decrease rows to create a lightweight pretty scarf.

This shawl has an unusual shaping, as an ever growing triangle, which gives you some excellent opportunities for wearing in different styles without lots of bulk around your neck.

You begin in the top left of the shawl and work your way at an angle to the 'centre' point before casting off to create the long side, at the lower right in the picture below. The long, slightly curly yellow edge.

What You Will Need

Any weight yarn with matching sized needles, for the sample I used dk with 4mm circulars.

Truly a one skein wonder!


k knit

kfb knit in to the front and back of the same stitch

p purl

p2tog purl 2 sts together

yo yarn over

inc increase

st(s) stitch(es)

tog together

rep repeat

Pattern Notes

This is a very simple pattern. You use the yarn you have to hand and repeat the pattern until you have a shawl the size you want, or run out of yarn.

You will be increasing the stitch count of the shawl every knit row, with the p2tog shaping the slant of the shawl.

Strong blocking will show the simple shape of the shawl to best effect, while opening up all the carefully created spaces.


Cast on 5 sts.

Row 1: k to last st, kfb. (inc 1 st)

Row 2: p2, yo, p to the last 2 sts, p2 tog.

Row 3: As row 1. (inc 1 st)

Row 4: p2, (yo, p2 tog) repeat to the end.

Repeat Rows 1 - 4 until you get to the desired length.


Cut your yarn and weave in the loose ends.

Block firmly to create big open spaces and straight edges.

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Gill Knight
Gill Knight
Feb 08, 2021

Fiona I hope many more do! It's a such an easy knit for a lovely


Babs Rudlin
Babs Rudlin
Feb 05, 2021

Gill your shawl looks beautiful :)


Fiona Cotterill
Fiona Cotterill
Feb 04, 2021

Thank you Gill for sharing your photo 🥰, it's beautiful.

Well done at winning at yarn chicken too.

It's kinda surreal seeing someone else knit my pattern x


Gill Knight
Gill Knight
Feb 04, 2021

Loved knitting this, a beautiful simple pattern and I won in yarn chicken... I had about 20cm left. Win win!


Gill Knight
Gill Knight
Feb 04, 2021

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