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Joining Yarn with an Invisible Knot

This is my goto join for new yarns, no loose ends to weave in and everything in neat and tidy. A very popular tutorial from the Babs Gets Crafty you tube channel with over 96K views.

Join Knitting or Crochet Yarn with an Invisible Knot

In the video tutorial below I show you how to create the Invisible or Magic knot to join two yarns with no loose ends. I've added a few of the many comments at the end of the post to show how easy, and how widely it is to used.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Slippery yarn will not work so well with this method

  • Always give the join a good strong tug to test it's a secure knot before you begin to knit or crochet with it

  • Be careful with your scissors, only snip away the loose ends

  • Use sharp scissors or snips for an easy clean cut



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