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Dragonscale Socks

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Free Knitting Pattern


One Size – Adjustable

The circumference of the sock can be adjusted by working additional toe increases at the beginning. The Dragonscale Lace pattern is centred on the front of the sock regardless of the circumference.The extra stitches increased for a larger circumference, ie., a wider sock, will sit on either side of the Dragonscale Lace pattern and will be worked in stockinette stitch.

The Dragonscale Lace is a 25-stitch pattern, in order to accommodate the entire repeat on the front of the sock, the smallest circumference, ie., the narrowest sock, should have 50 sts in the round, 25 sts on the front and 25 sts on the back. Begin by casting on the number of stitches stated in the CAST-ON & TOE INCREASES Section, make increases as described and try on the toe as-you-go. Once the toe has reached the desired circumference, working out the magic number in the FOOT Section and continue working following the instructions.

Adjust the length of the foot and the leg simply by working more rounds than stated until the desired length is reached.

You Will Need

Needles: 2.75 mm (US 2) 40-60 cm (16-24”) circular needles for magic loop knitting.

Yarn: 50g/ 200m (or more) of Fingering/ sock weight yarn.

Notions: Tapestry needle, stitch markers.


25 stitches x 18 rounds = 8.8 cm x 8.6 cm (3.5” x 3.4”) in lace pattern.


k knit

ktbl knit through back of the loop

kfb knit front and back in the same stitch

yo yarn over

ssk slip 2 sts as if to knit, Insert left needle through front of the two sts and knit together - decrease 1 st

k2tog knit 2 sts together - decrease 1 st

yo yarn over

skp sl a st wyif, k2tog, psso - decrease 2 sts

psso pass slipped stitch over

DS Double Stitch in German Short Rows

DPN(s) double pointed needles

M stitch marker

PM place stitch marker

SM slip stitch marker to the right needle as you work

RM remove stitch marker

st(s) stitch(es)

sl slip

MDS Make Double Stitch in German Short Rows. To make a double stitch, insert needles as if to purl with yarn in front. Slip stitch off the needle, pull working yarn strongly to back, so the slipped st falls to the back and the stitch in the row below is pulled up over the right hand needle.

N1(2) Needle 1(2)

Pattern Notes

The Dragonscale socks are knit toe-up.

This pattern is written for working in the round using the magic loop method. Substitute Needle 1 with DPN 1 & 2 and Needle 2 with DPN 3 & 4 when working with DPNS.

Split the yarn in half equally before you start, ie., split a 50g ball into two 25g cakes, and a 100g ball into two 50g cakes. Make sure you have equal amount of yarn available for both socks.


Pattern Instructions

Cast on & Toe Increases

CO 11 sts using Figure 8 Toe-up Sock Caston. – 22sts in total cast on; 11 sts on the Needle 1, and 11 sts on Needle 2

Rnd 1 (N1): Ktbl to end of needle.

(N2): K to end of needle.

Rnd 2 (N1): Kfb, k to 1 st before end of needle, kfb.

(N2): Kfb, k to 1 st before end of needle, kfb. – 4 sts inc’d

Rnd 3: K to end of rnd.

Work Rounds 2-3 at least 6 more times or until the desired circumference is reached*. – at least 50 sts in the round, 25 sts on Needle 1 and 25 sts on the Back.

*Try the toe on as-you-go to determine the number of increases needed.

Depending on your knitting style, your toe may or may not be flipped inside-out. Make sure the public side of the toe is now facing outward, ie., the right side of stockinette stitch, with the working yarn coming from the last stitch on Needle 2.


First half of the stitches – stitches on Needle 1, will form the font of the sock; second half of the stitches – stitches on Needle 2 will from the sole of the sock. The Dragonscale lace pattern will be worked only on the front of the sock in this section. The Dragonscale lace pattern is charted, see above for the chart. The sole of the sock will be worked in stockinette stitch.

Work out your magic number, to handle any extra sts you used with the formula below.

Magic Number = (number of sts on Needle 1 – 25) /2.