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Crochet a set of Octopus Baby Items

My niece is expecting her first baby this year, making me feel super old. They call the bump ‘squid’ so I thought it would be fun to make a set of crochet goodies for the new babe.

I began by picking the rainbow and cream yarns. After a fun day out at Tilly’s Wool Wagon I was all set.

I decided to play around with basic shapes for a luvvie blanket with 8 legs and a stuffed head on top. I have avoided eyes as I don’t want a choking hazard for the little one if they chew off the eyes!

The blanket portion was a simple ripple style star blanket with white borders to different sections finished with a white edging.

The legs were a base of cream with a top of the same shape and size in rainbow yarn joined with double crochet around. This gives a natural curl and movement to the legs.

Sadly I ran out of rainbow yarn with one leg to go. Luckily I could get a delivery of the missing yarn the next day.

Once I’d completed the luvvie I moved on to a newborn version. This is a popular free pattern with a simple body shape and tightly twisting tentacles. The theory is that the tentacles remind the newborn of umbilical cord and as a result are supposed to be very soothing.

I’ll share the non baby friendly squid in the next blog post.

Stay safe!

Babs x

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