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Picking Up the Gauntlets

Picking Up the Gauntlets

Easy to knit and comfortable to wear the Picking Up the Gauntlets or armwarmers are a personal favourite of mine to wear when walking Sophie (my Minature Schnauzer).


These fab squishy gauntlets come with the addition of a bonus Cuff design and both come in three sizes so we can all ‘Pick Up The Gauntlet’ from tiny tweens to seniors of all sizes.

My gauntlets are created to be both functional, for my long daily dog walks, and beautiful too.


For me the 5 strand plait represents how the five aspects of modern day living intertwine to create our best selves.

  • Work: your career and finance.
  • Learning: your personal development and growth.
  • Social: your relationships with others, family and friends
  • Spiritual: your relationship with the greater power.
  • Health: your physical health, should never be forgotten.


The plait stands out strong against the squishy purl background to give real contrast and definition for the gauntlet.


These are a pair with different instruction for the left and right gauntlet, not to forget the bonus cuffs.


I have used 75g of aran yarn for the sample in green and a single skein of DK is enough for both long gauntlets and a pair of the matching cuffs too.

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